Zathay Social Cooperative

Zathay is a social cooperative consisted by 6 core members who are residents of the island Samothraki. The Social Enterprise is the first of its kind on Samothraki and its operating the facilities of the Municipal camping (the Mini-Market & the Café of Platia). Its operational basis is situated in the region of Therma, in the camping of Platia.

Homer calls Samothraki “zathay” (Gods’ beloved place) to convey her character as sacred and venerable. This revered land played host to the Kaveiria, awe inspiring mystic rituals reserved for the divine and off-limits to the mere mortals. In the Mysteries of the Great Gods everybody could take place independently of Gender, Social class, Religion, Ethnicity and Age and that was a strong base of wide acceptance and of sacred tolerance.

Zathay promotes the local social cohesion and economy,distributes and promotes local products produced on the island by other cooperatives, supports local businesses and initiatives. It’s a social enterprise that operates in a non profit basis and supports the local economy by creating jobs. The staff increases every year and is consisted by locals and residents. 60% of Zathay’s profit is invested in new jobs contributing this way to combating economic migrationaway from the island.

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tel.: 6947 895568 – Sofia B.