Zathay Social Cooperative

Who runs Zathay:

We are a group of young residents of Samothraki, in love with the island. We raise our kids here, dare to dream and act. We have set up a Social Enterprise, the first of its kind in Samothraki and we are operating some of the facilities in the Municipal camping.

Why “Zathay”:

Homer calls Samothraki “zathay” (Gods’ beloved place) to convey her character as sacred and venerable. This revered land played host to the Kaveiria, awe inspiring mystic rituals reserved for the divine and off-limits to the mere mortals.

Where is Zathay:

In the premises of the Municipal camping of Samothraki, in the region of  Platia-Therma. We operate the Mini-Market and the Café of Platia.

Why a Social Enterprise:

Our involvement with voluntary work in projects serving the local community over the past decade, has led us to consider this recently founded form of entrepreneurship. Our “Social Business” project promotes the local social cohesion and economy –a cause we deeply care about. At the same time, it is a novel form of entrepreneurship vigorously promoted by the European Union and with impressive first results in combating the current economic and social crisis.

Local Products:

In Zathay you can find fresh local produce, home-made bread and yoghurt, free range eggs, honey with the aromas of the local flora, home-made preserves and jams from local and indigenous fruit. You can also have a home-made breakfast or cold snack made with local products and prepared on site.

You can enjoy our activities:

  • Chill out with a cold drink, lying in one of the hammocks.
  • Enjoy an evening with live music, express yourselves
  • Get creative at one of our Arts and Crafts workshops (held during the Samothraki Arts Festival).
  • Watch one of our inspiring projections (documentaries, photo presentations etc)
  • Join an impromptu discussion certain to spark regularly in Zathay’s lounge and make new friends.
  • Participate in our alternative therapy seminars, yoga retreats and mystical journeys.
  • Walk or hike with our hiking guides.
  • Create with us a sustainable future!

By using the services of Zathay in the Camping, you can

  • support a local initiative with a social profile: A Social Enterprise operates on a non-profit basis.
  • support the local economy and jobs creation: our staff are locals; 60% of our profit is invested in new jobs. We thus contribute to combating economic migration away from the island.
  • promote Samothraki’s identity: we raise awareness of local products and activities
  • help locals in need: what is left unconsumed is passed on to the island’s residents in need.

Want to know more?



tel.: 6947 895568 – Sofia B.