Social Cooperative Varades

Soc. Coop. Varádes was founded in February 2017 and it consists of members of the local community. The Coop’s base is Chóra, Samothraki, but since August 2018 its members have been operating from the premises of the municipal campsite Varádes, which has also inspired the Coop’s birth name (varádes (váad): a term coming from the beehives made from hollow tree trunks, which used to be found in the area surrounding the campsite)!

The Soc. Coop. focuses on actions promoting a mode of alternative tourism that respect the sustainable development of the island. It aims to support local products whilst valuing the cultural heritage of the island. To this aim, the Soc. Coop. is committed to upgrading the facilities of the campsite and supporting municipal initiatives through dispensing or investing 60% of its annual earnings. The ultimate goal of its members is to create new job positions, thus reinstating the belief of the island’s youth in the possibilities that can emerge within the community, in an effort to reduce the percentage of internal migration that has been troubling Samothraki for the past decades.

Communication channels:

  • By calling: (+30) 25510 98424 (responding only during the camping operating season, May 15th – September 30th) , (+30) 6972741170 (year-round).

  • By e-mailing:

  • Through our Facebook page: Camping Varades (@campingvarades).

  • Through our TripAdvisor page: Camping Varades.