SUSAKI Milestone Meeting 2016

This meeting was planned at the midterm of the project SUSAKI (Sustainable Samothraki), by the coordinators of the project, to bring together the researchers (from various academic institutions), including several students writing their master and doctoral theses about Samothraki, with some of the key local partners from the island. The aim of this meeting was to communicate the main findings of ongoing research and develop strategic priorities for the future. The focus was on reaching a shared understanding of the implications of research results so far for achieving practical improvements, and on identifying appropriate next tasks both for researchers and collaborators from the local community. Building on the results of the meeting a strategic plan for the next years should be developed.

The first day of the workshop was dedicated to explaining the strategic orientation of the meeting and to give the local partners an opportunity to present themselves, their activities and expectations for the meeting. On the second day the focus of the presentations and discussions was on land cover change, small ruminants and the problem of overgrazing. The third day addressed the areas of health, tourism and education as well as chances for improving the patterns of communication and collaboration. In the last session of each day, the strategic priorities for each area were discussed.

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