Island Social Metabolism

PhD Project of Dominik Noll

With my dissertation, I want to outline a vision for a sustainability transformation[1] of the small ruminant sector on the island of Samothraki. Following the tradition within industrial ecology and island studies to assess biophysical aspects of socioecological systems on islands in regard to sustainability questions, I will use the social metabolism approach to better understand the relationships between material/energy flows and environmental degradation. The material and energy flow analysis (MEFA) as one of its core methodological approaches, is a best practice tool to assess society-nature interactions, with regard to sustainability questions. After conducting an island wide MEFA, I will apply the framework to the small ruminant sector and enrich it through economic and qualitative data

[1] A sustainability transformation of the small ruminant sector, in the context of this work, is understood as a transformation considering all 3 dimensions of the triangle of sustainability. Sustainable development of the small ruminant sector is only feasible if ecological, social and economic aspects and their interdependencies are respected.

Download here my research proposal