Waste Management

The project Composting: Nature’s Way of Recycling came about as a result of the survey carried out by researchers of the Institute of Social Ecology during the 3rd Summer School which took place on Samothraki in June 2016. Based on data collected through interviews with local authorities, fieldwork visits to waste collection areas and sampling of bins, a qualitative map of the flow of waste on the island was created. One of the main observations was the presence of a large amount of organic waste both in the recycling bins and in the mixed-waste bins.

On Samothraki waste is transported by ship to mainland Greece, at high cost to the local authorities. Through composting the volume of waste can be reduced considerably, therefore also reducing the cost of transportation.

As part of this project the Sustainable Samothraki Association, in collaboration with the RE:THINK team from Kalamata, will install three large wooden composters at the primary schools of Kamariotissa and Lakkoma and at the youth center in Chora. Educators, pupils and parents will be informed about composting and the correct usage of the RE:THINK composting bins. The project is complemented with educational games and activities designed by the Sustainable Samothraki team.

For inquiries regarding the use of the compost bins, or any aspect of the project, contact Jacqueline Kirby, project coordinator.

Below you will find further material from the project:

  • Information leaflet on composting (Greek)
  • Educational game “Composting: Nature’s Way of Recycling” (Greek)
  • Additional educational material with puzzles on compost (Greek)
  • Results of the 3rd Summer School research on waste management on Samothraki


Contact details

Project coordinator | Evgenia Tsianou | evgetsianou@gmail.com

Local coordinator | Jacqueline Kirby | Facebook: Βιώσιμη Σαμοθράκη – Sustainable Samothraki

Partner | RE:THINK – Mirto Fifa | info@rethink-project.gr | Facebook: Re:Think – Αγρόκτημα Φυσικής Καλλιέργειας Φοίφα